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With a penchant for Louis Vuitton and Chanel the tenant felt most unfortunate with the condition of her dressing room”. 6 sqm, in the residential basement of a duplex, adjacent to the sleeping area, the overflowing, with massive furniture undelivered chamber contained finest treasures.

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There were stock furniture that should be integrated; a manageable budget and numerous protrusions and corners.


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Idea was an airy, modular and effective system of design added to the stock furniture. Thus, the ceiling height and all niches could be used optimally.


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The new greige” – a shade between beige and gray creates out a representative eye-catcher out of the bedroom.

In conjunction with the light and the bright white of the modules it can radiate the dressing room and creates a dense atmosphere.

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Accessories such as a vase as well as a cozy sheepskin on the warm floor complete the homely appearance.












Redesign of the dressing room of a duplex apartment in Harlaching, München
Design, detailed design and construction supervision made by em.innenarchitektur
Total costs                                     500-600 euros
Design | implementation           Sommer 2013
Planung | Umsetzung      Sommer 2013