Nursing home “mittendrin im Kalletal”, Kalletal-Hohenhausen

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The nursing home “mittendrin im Kalletal” has been extended: the expansion of a day care and 12 additional residential care places, with new housing and care options. The natural bright primary color mood of the existing building was continued up to date and now runs through the new areas of the house.

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You find fresh color accents in green and large format graphic elements at the reception as well as redeemed and neutral regions.



The kitchen gets the center of the stationary Care: The homely ambience in brilliant white, paired with light oak offers room for delicious cooking in the team.

The modern, bright architecture with a clear and straight facades language is reflected in the interior and creates light-filled and airy places that invite friendly.



Large tables can accommodate 12 residents and your supervisor to communicate and enjoy yourself. The tables areĀ  wheelchair-accessible, the upholstery itself -waterproof synthetic leather – easy to clean.


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In the day care, the kitchen provides space for joint enjoyable cooking and dining: With seats right in the center of the kitchen at the stove, you can take a seat and participate in the events.

Ergonomic features: a higher positioning washer or clear sliding surfaces in the shelf area creating comfort for every.mittendrin kalletal_04 658x439px


Light oak with bright white, colored bright accents in green and selected materials with natural motifs set the language of the home.



Nursing home ā€œmittendrin-im-Kalletalā€ Kalletal-Hohenhausen, Spring 2010
Extension of a day care as well as expansion of the nursing home at 12 more nursing places

Design and execution on behalf of Tombusch & Brumann, Ascheberg