Senior Citizens’ Residence Kursana, Wedel | Multi-Purpose Hall

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Surrounded by the Wedel Au Kursana,  the residence enjoys an idyllic location amidst the natural environment, shaped by the mill pond, the yachting harbor and the beach. In Schulauer harbor just before ” Willkommhîft “, you will find the only ship welcoming station in the world.

Saal_vorherThe new design of the public area, the focal point of the residence, offers the possibility to create a contemporary look, not just with new colors and materials but also with significant improvement to critical points such as acoustics and lighting.

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The basic tone of the house with its idyllic location is picked up and transported into nature. Red, sand and white, paired with dark accents are implemented with new contemporary and innovative materials and shapes.


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Homely touches like a real effect fireplace and the redesigned library wall with niches, as well as a new entrance area with sculptural accents create a comfortable atmosphere.

A new color scheme of the room is visually more efficient – supporting a range of potential events such as theater, dance tea and small concerts, with both comfort and space.

New materials enhance the foyer and entrance area.

Light wood finish vinyl flooring defines the central axis, while the burgundy carpet edging of the area invites you to linger and talk.

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Room design for the conversion of a Multi-Purpose Hall
of the Senior Citizens’ Residence Kursana, Wedel
Design, execution and implementation made by em.innenarchitektur
Total costs of construction            ca. 250.000 euros
Planning  | Realization                   Summer 2013 – Spring 2014