Venice, June 2014

The Architecture Biennale 2014 in Venice – a good reason to travel. Besides the good wine bars, the Bàceri” with their cool Ombras and small delights the classics of Italian architecture and contemporary Interior Design work.

Venedig Biennale_02 gelb

Early in the morning when the St. Mark’s Square is slowly awakening, one experiences facade and proportion in a dense atmosphere that you will not soon forget.


Venedig Biennale_03 gelb

Ornaments (from Latin ornare adorn, decorate, organize, equip“) a usually repetitive, often abstract or abstracted patterns an encounter all the time. Here you see the grating of a residential house in the narrow streets of Venice.



Fundamentals | biennale architettura | June 7th -November 23rd of 2014 |